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Once upon a time (sometime in 2010) a friend wanted me to start a blog so she could read about my experiences on a three month exchange trip to Israel. At that point in time I thought blogging was essentially a narcissistic activity. Why would anybody be interested in knowing what you have to say? It presupposed an inordinate amount of self importance on one’s part. I didn’t start a blog then. And have lived to regret it (mildly, because I sent ginormous emails to my parents, chronicling most of the important bits). So why am I starting one now?

I’m a big fan of listing things, so here is the first one-

1. I miss Chicago. The endless possibilities that existed during my nine month stay in that city. I didn’t write at all during that period and now I risk not having any but the most fleeting memories left.

2. My last journal entry is dated March 22, 2012. The ones before that are filled with melodrama and megalomania. Writing for public consumption might force me to document in a manner that is less angst-ridden and more entertaining.

3. I want to publish a novel one day. The idea has been in my head since 2002 and I was supposed to have finished writing it by May 2012. Obviously I didn’t and I hope that blogging will get me in the flow.

4. I lead an interesting life (if I say so myself). It’s good to have a record that it was a life well lived.

So what can you expect? A blog post every week. And no magic.


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