Mongoose Love

A family of mongooses lives beneath my grandfather’s house. This is a story about a day in their life.

Early one winter morning, a train of mongooses scurried across the garden. Baby mongooses following mama mongoose. The birds had fallen silent. The fog had cleared and the neighbourhood was slowly waking to life as these three went about their business. They crossed the driveway and came to a stop in front of the boundary wall. It was time to begin the lesson of the day. The mum picked up the first kid and deposited it securely on the ledge. With the second in tow, she ran up a small tree and reached the top of the wall. Pretty soon the family was reunited under the barbed wire fence running atop the boundary wall. Led by their mum, the kids ran the entire length and disappeared from view, towards the unknown adventures that awaited them. 


This post is in response to the Snapshots Weekly Writing Challenge-


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