STID #1: Frozen yoghurt

I’m hoping to introduce S.T.I.D. as an antonym to ‘stud’ but I don’t think it’s going to catch on. Right now it stands for Stupid Things I Did and there are countless such examples. Just like everything bitter is invariably good for one’s health (think bitter gourd, Azadirachta indica), I believe reliving one’s less than stellar moments is good for the ego. Anyhow, it should make you, reader, feel better about yourself. Of course, there is no way you would have done the dumb stuff that I’ve done!

It’s someone’s birthday today. Now I know this is true for every day of the year but what I mean is that it’s somebody-I-know’s birthday today. Last year, I decided to make an effort and gift her something special, do something out of the ordinary. I had gone for a morning walk around the neighbourhood and asked my partner-in-crime to go with me to the Red Mango shop on campus (housed in one of the hospital buildings. Why?). We spent considerable time buying the birthday girl some (customised) frozen yoghurt and got back to the dorm in a manner sufficient to make me late for class. I stashed the cup in my fridge bin (please note, not freezer bin) and went up to my room to get changed. Later in the day I presented it to said birthday girl along with a handmade card and a pair of shell earrings. She looked and sounded sufficiently excited. Imagine my surprise when she sinks the red spoon to scoop a mouthful and comes up with only water. That’s all that it was, beneath the deceptive fluffiness of frozen yoghurt swirls. She very sportingly ate (?) a few bites of that watery stuff before setting it aside. I can’t say I blame her for dumping the cup in the loo dustbin.

Sigh! So much for a special birthday gift.

Moral of the story—frozen yoghurt will not stay frozen at 4º C.

P.S.- Didn’t do anything for her birthday this year. 


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