Have you seen this creature?

Cold blooded mammal addicted to the sun. Has ten toes and a Master’s degree. Always misuses ‘hopefully’. Will publish a book one of these days.

I’m in between things right now. Studying in order to clear exams that will land me a job which will pay me a salary; money that I will use to travel the world and buy a shiitake load of books. Until then, I will write about my previous travels/adventures around the world. Sometimes I will also let you know what I think about things. ‘Deltiology Corner’ has shifted to a blog of its own; check out the postcards here.

The blog title is a pun on my present geographical location. Pesternomi is a special kind of pastrami eaten by garden gnomes to keep pesky humans at bay. That’s a load of bull, as you correctly surmised. Used in the second Harry Potter book, PP is probably the only spell in the entire universe that doesn’t mean anything. I don’t have an adequate explanation for this choice, just that it clicked.

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